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Military Sexual Assault & Other Cases of Sexual Abuse

According to the annual report by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), nearly 2,500 reports of sexual assault were made in the military in 2011. Additionally, it is estimated that 80% of sexual assaults in the armed forces go unreported. These assaults are generally against women but can also occur against male members of the military as well. Types of sexual abuse in the military range from abusive language and harassment to solicitation and rape. Many ideas have been considered regarding the cause of such a high rate of sexual assault, from close proximity to high rates of deployment and stress.

Regardless of the circumstances, sexual assault is a crime and should not go unreported. Even though military members may feel intimidated due to a sense of betrayal for reporting sexual assault, the offense must be reported in order for action to be taken against the growing rate of military sexual assaults. The DOD recently initiated a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Campaign in 2012 encouraging a team approach to fighting sexual abuse in the armed forces, as well as team consequences for offenses committed. Do not wait another day if you’ve been sexually assaulted in the military and need to take legal action. Our firm can help you seek the justice you deserve.

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We understand the personal danger you may experience by reporting your abuse, and we are prepared to work alongside you to make a report and prevent further sexual abuse. Our firm has successfully recovered millions in damages, thus enabling our membership with the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates ForumĀ®. Contact us today to take advantage of a free case consultation and learn how we can handle your case.