Orange County Foster Care Abuse Lawyer

At The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP, we stand with survivors of foster care of sexual abuse in Orange County and throughout California. We understand how difficult it is to come to terms with what happened and come forward against an abuser as a foster care abuse victim. Our foster abuse lawyers are here to help you seek justice and fair financial compensation for the wrongdoing committed against you or a loved one. Contact us today for a free and confidential case consultation.

How an Orange County Foster Care Abuse Attorney Can Help

Children in foster care are in extremely vulnerable positions. They may have nowhere to turn for help if they face abuse, neglect or mistreatment by their foster families. They may be afraid to speak up for fear of being displaced again or separated from their siblings. Sadly, this increases the odds of children in foster care being abused and falling through the cracks due to systemic failures.

During a civil claim for foster care sexual abuse, an attorney can protect you in multiple ways. An Orange County foster abuse lawyer can keep your identity anonymous, for example, and go up against a defendant or insurance company on your behalf. A lawyer will attend meetings, settlement negotiations, and hearings for you to fight for maximum compensation. A lawyer will be just as committed as you are to hold a perpetrator and the foster care system as a whole accountable for your abuse.

About Foster Care Abuse in California

Foster care abuse can refer to physical, emotional and sexual abuse against a child who has entered the foster care system. While this system was created to protect children from harm that may otherwise befall them by keeping them in their current situations, many inherent issues with foster care make children vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment. Foster parents may not be properly investigated or vetted, for instance.

Due to shortages of foster families, the government may rush the process and place children in unsafe households. This could expose a vulnerable young child to multiple forms of abuse. Foster children may be abused by their legal guardians, foster parents, foster siblings or fellow foster children in a group home. Sadly, many victims stay silent about their abuse because they do not know where to go for help. They may feel abandoned by their parents and neglected by a broken system.

Who Is Liable for Foster Care Child Abuse?

At The Senators Firm, our personal injury lawyers are passionate about protecting the rights of foster care abuse survivors. Clients in Orange County have trusted us for many years with their most delicate and complicated child abuse claims. We can help a client hold one or more parties liable, or legally responsible, for abuse that took place within the foster care system. Liable parties may include:

  • A foster caregiver or individual perpetrator
  • The California or Orange County child welfare agency
  • Child Protective Services
  • A school or staff member for failing to report abuse

A survivor of foster care sexual abuse may have the right to hold not only the perpetrator liable but also one or more institutions for failing to protect him or her. Any party that played a role in allowing the abuse to take place or continue could be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit. An investigation by The Senators Firm can identify all possible defendants and sources of compensation for your case.

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Foster children deserve protection – not further harm due to abusive foster families. Unfortunately, foster caregivers and other individuals with access to children in the foster care system may take advantage of their positions of trust or power to physically and/or sexually abuse victims.

If you or someone you love suffered abuse while in the foster care system in Orange County, California, do not hesitate to contact The Senators Firm for a free case consultation with an attorney. You may be able to collect financial compensation through a civil lawsuit. Call (949) 557-5800 today.