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California Boy Scout Abuse Lawyer

Fighting for Sexual Abuse Victims in the Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States. Promoting responsible citizenship, character development and self-reliance, the Boy Scouts were for many years a source of pride. In recent years, however, the organization has come under scrutiny over what may be decades of sexual abuse and similar misconduct on the part of some scout leaders and other officials and volunteers.

As the result of the work of civil trial lawyers, the Boy Scouts have started to produce thousands of documents showing a wide-scale pattern of sexual abuse of scouts in regions all over the United States. In a comprehensive report published in the Los Angeles Times, documents known as "the perversion files" produced in civil court cases summarize thousands of instances of sexual abuse reported to Boy Scout officials between 1946-2005. According to investigative journalists, Boy Scout officials failed to report hundreds of abuse incidents to police, and in many cases appeared to have concealed information and evidence.

New documents concerning Boy Scout abuse continue to be uncovered. Information gathered to date suggests that abuse has been widespread across the country, according to journalists who have compiled a database listing more than 5,000 known or suspected Boy Scout abusers.

Stand Up Against Secrecy

As has been the case with sexual abuse occurring in the clergy, determining the true scope of abuse perpetrated by Boy Scout leaders and volunteers has been hampered by efforts of the Boy Scouts of America and their lawyers to fight demands for the disclosure of documents and other materials that could aid in the identification of abusers. As a result, survivors have been victimized twice: once by their abusers, and again by the very organization that should have taken proper steps to protect them in the first place.

Experience on Your Side

The Senators Firm is actively involved in the investigation and litigation of Boy Scout abuse cases in California and all over the nation. Recently, The Senators Firm and its co-counsel filed suit in San Diego Superior Court on behalf of a young man repeatedly sexually abused by a Boy Scout camp counselor at a scout camp. The perpetrator was eventually prosecuted criminally and sentenced to prison for abusing numerous scouts. The firm intends to aggressively investigate all of the facts surrounding the inexplicable and inexcusable ability of the abuser to be allowed to work with children without appropriate supervision or intervention by Boy Scout officials.

If you have been a victim of Boy Scout abuse or suspect that a family member has been abused, schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your case with a child sexual abuse lawyer in California from our firm or contact The Senators Firm today.

Your Legal Rights If you or someone close to you has become a victim of sexual abuse, please contact us to learn more about your legal rights.
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