California School Bullying Child Abuse Attorney

Damage Caused by Bullying

Although schools are supposed to be places of education and growth for young people, they can often be a place of fear and abuse due to bullying. Children can be extremely harmful with their words and actions toward their peers. Regardless of why they act in this manner, they should not be allowed to continue causing serious physical and emotional damage to other students. Bullying has been known to cause ongoing emotional damage to victims, especially in cases where they keep their suffering to themselves due to fear of retaliation. There are also cases where victims have suffered serious physical injury and have needed a California sexual abuse lawyer. If you know that your child has been bullied or sexually abused, or if you suspect that such injustice is taking place, then contact a California school bullying child abuse lawyer from The Senators Firm for help. Call  (949) 557-5800, we are available 24/7.

Sexual Bullying in California Schools

Sexual bullying is one of the worst forms of bullying that a victim can experience. Students can be teased or mocked due to their gender or sexual orientation, or they can be physically or sexually assaulted. This is a serious crime and can be stopped through legal action. At The Senators Firm, our legal team understands the seriousness of your child’s situation and can help you stop bullying and protect them from serious harm. Learn more by consulting with a California school bullying child abuse attorney from our firm as soon as possible.

Hire a Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Former California state senator Joe Dunn, now retired, founded our firm with the intention of combining a comprehensive understanding of the law with exceptional litigation. Combined with the seasoned litigation experience of Attorneys Thomas M. Moore and Ronald T. Labriola, our firm and our  school bullying child abuse lawyers have the ability to achieve satisfactory results. Let us help you protect your child and any other victims of child hazing and bullying by calling today. The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner we can help you and your child.