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Child Summer Camp Sexual Abuse Lawyer in California Can Investigate Your Case

Summer camps and other day and overnight camps are environments in which parents and guardians are unlikely to be present. While many expect their children to be taken care of and to be provided a safe and healthy atmosphere, sexual abuse at camps has long been a legitimate concern. Counselors, administrators, older campers and others who have the opportunity to abuse their authority in a setting with limited supervision are the most likely to commit sexual abuse with children. As is the case for almost every form of abuse, assaults at camp are underreported and camp administrators may be unwilling or unprepared to deal with suspected abusers. Call  (949) 557-5800 to speak with one of our California summer camp sexual abuse attorneys for help today, we are available 24/7.

Summer Camp Abuse Lawsuits in California

Approximately 10 million children attend summer camps in states throughout the nation each year, and among these children it is an unfortunate fact that some will be made susceptible to the sexually abusive behaviors of another camper, a camp leader, or someone else. Both day camps and residential camps alike have been affiliated with instances of child sex abuse, as have other types of summer camps, including those run by the YMCA, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, a charitable organization, a local church, or even a school.

Regardless of the entity that is in charge of the summer camp of your child’s attendance, the camp’s supervisors are always assumed to be responsible for protecting the children in their care, and such protection does not exclude protection from child sexual abuse. Only those camps which can prove that the proper precautions were made against child sexual abuse will be considered free of guilt or blame for an occurrence of this nature. For example, members of the summer camp’s management team are obligated to screen each of their workers and volunteers for past criminal activity, of which should include any history of child abuse.

Summer camp management holds many responsibilities; much more than just running the camp’s day-to-day activities. In addition, the summer camp’s management must both train and supervise all employees and volunteers at the camp, and failure to live up to this expectation could make camp management accountable for any sexual abuse incident that might ensue. In such cases, legal action can be taken which allows for the victim and his or her family to seek civil damages from the abuse, as well as from the sponsor of the summer camp at which the abuse occurred. For professional help pursuing a legal case of this nature, contact a summer camp sexual abuse lawyer in California from The Senators Firm.

Obtaining Justice for Summer and Day Camp Abuse Victims

At The Senators Firm our legal team is committed to providing comprehensive guidance, counseling and legal representation to summer and day camp abuse victims and their families. We can investigate claims of abuse, discover how much camp administrators were aware of the problem, and determine the extent to which camps have insurance coverage that could help to compensate abuse survivors. If you or a family member has experienced sexual abuse at a camp, contact our firm to discuss your case.