Torrance High & Franklin High School Coaches Arrested for Sexual Abuse Charges in California

If you think you may have a claim involving either Torrance High School wrestling coach Joseph Snider or Franklin High School football coach Jaime Jimenez, you must act quickly.

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The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP Is Currently Pursuing Investigation into Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in California Schools

Case Details:

  • April 16th: LAPD arrested Jaime Jimenez, 46, on suspicion of sexual assault. Allegations of sexual assault may go back for years – some as early as 1998, when Jimenez began coaching football at Franklin High School – and victims may currently be in their adult years. Our firm is encouraging any and all victims to step forward and demand the justice they deserve.
  • April 20th: Joseph Snider, 47, voluntarily turned himself in to Torrance police after being charged with 33 felony counts of touching children inappropriately, 8 misdemeanor counts of child molestation, and could involve as many as 25 young male victims from Torrance High School.

With personal attention and a genuine desire to help protect you and your family at this time, we encourage you to speak with us and share your story. Taking the first step is certainly difficult, especially in the midst of high-profile allegations. You deserve professional support, and our California child sexual abuse attorneys can provide you with the guidance and protection you deserve as a victim.

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California Child Sexual Abuse

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For more information about the child sexual abuse charges brought against Joseph Snider and Jaime Jimenez and how these charges might affect your case, please visit our blog post here.