California Child Exploitation Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Child Exploitation Sexual Abuse Attorneys in California

Child exploitation for sexual purposes includes sexually explicit or obscene depictions of children generated through the production, reproduction, sale or distribution of films, videotapes or photos. Victims under the age of 18 commonly have no knowledge that they are being exploited, or may be forced, threatened or deceived into such exploitation. The extent of child exploitation through pornography distributed on the Internet in particular is enormous. Call  (949) 557-5800 to speak with one of our California child exploitation sexual abuse lawyers for help today, we are available 24/7.

Child exploitation can also take other forms. This can include sexual exploitation of children for prostitution, sex trafficking and other similar offenses. As with any sexual abuse case for children, victims of this form of exploitation have legal rights that can be exercised.

Until recently, child exploitation was almost exclusively a matter for law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecutions. Purveyors of child porn and child pimps are elusive, and even when caught they rarely hold assets sufficient to compensate their victims. Child exploitation sexual abuse lawyers in California, however, have made significant strides in obtaining compensation for exploited youth. Federal laws now allow the victims of child pornography to obtain a special type of compensation known as “restitution” from individuals as having received or possessed illegal images.

The Senators Firm is carefully monitoring developments in the area of actions for civil damages on behalf of exploited children. If you or a loved one has been victimized by child exploitation, contact The Senators Firm to learn what we can do for you.