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Cyberstalking and Bullying

Child Sexual Abuse Online

Bullying amongst children is not a new trend. In recent years, however, technological advancements and innovation in cyberspace have redefined not only the ways in which people and children interact, but also the ways in which they bully. The unfortunate truth is that computers and the internet provide the anonymity that can allow bullies and cyberstalkers to go undetected and unreported. As children's self-image and social well-being become increasingly linked to their online identities, cyberbullying and cyberstalking can have disastrous effects. Psychological trauma and emotional injuries can be devastating for children who define a great deal of their self-worth by the online image they portray, even if bullies never actually interface or confront the bullied. In fact, there have been numerous national stories of suicides due to the online bullying of children.

Of equal concern is the fact that bullying, both in online and in-person forms, has taken on a much more sexualized nature. Whether this is because children now have easier access to explicit and offensive material is somewhat beside the point. The trouble is that children depend on sexualized bullying to humiliate and harass others.

As awareness about cyberstalking and bullying continues to grow and the detrimental consequences are increasingly made clear, many states throughout the nation have taken efforts to show that cyberstalking and bullying are forms of child sexual abuse that will not be tolerated. This is why many states have passed legislation that directly combats cyberstalking and online harassment, including sexting. State and federal law enforcement agencies have also increased their efforts to arrest and convict adult offenders who use the Internet to stalk and abuse children.

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