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Injured by OsmoPrep®?

An over-the-counter oral medication used as a bowel cleanser for patients preparing to undergo a colonoscopy or other gastroenterological procedures, OsmoPrep has been linked to numerous reports of serious kidney damage. If you or a loved one has recently been injured by OsmoPrep, a California OsmoPrep lawyer is prepared to evaluate your situation and determine your potential for filing a lawsuit against Salix Pharmaceuticals, the company responsible for the manufacturing and sale of OsmoPrep.

As the result of numerous serious kidney injuries associated with the use of OsmoPrep, the FDA issued a “black box” warning to patients and medical professionals regarding the risks posed by oral sodium phosphate products. According to the FDA, there have been cases of serious acute phosphate nephropathy in patients who have used products such as OsmoPrep. It was also reported that several cases resulted in permanent impairment of renal function and that some patients required long-term dialysis. Had Salix Pharmaceuticals taken the preemptory measures to ensure that their products were safe for their intended use, these injuries may have been prevented.

Your Legal Rights with Our Firm

Anyone who has experienced an injury or illness after using OsmoPrep should retain the legal representation they need to assert their legal rights and obtain compensation. A member of the American Association for Justice and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, our legal team has fully devoted their efforts to helping injured victims stand up against pharmaceutical companies. If you would like to schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about your potential OsmoPrep lawsuit and how our California OsmoPrep lawyer can fight for the recovery of your damages, contact our firm as soon as possible.