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So-called “natural” substitutes for testosterone replacement drugs have not been proven safe and effective

As a natural consequence of the aging process, men and women produce less testosterone in their bodies after age 30. However, in most otherwise people, testosterone production does not fall out of the “normal” range until much later. Nevertheless, we are seeing a huge amount of advertising on the part of drug and dietary supplement makers over the past several years touting the benefits of increasing testosterone levels, especially in men. It is claimed that by increasing the amount of testosterone in the body, men may be able to add or maintain lean muscle, reduce body fat and weight, and increase sexual function.

There is some data to support the idea that administering synthetic testosterone, some men may obtain certain health benefits. However, these synthetic hormones, which are only legally available through a doctor’s prescription, are intended only for men who are shown to have abnormally low testosterone levels combined with medical conditions relating to low testosterone. In addition, the use of testosterone drugs in pill or topical form may be related to a number of risks, including liver damage and certain types of cancer.

In an attempt to cash in on the new testosterone market, a number of dietary supplement manufacturers have been touting so-called “natural” (non-drug) products they say can cause the body to produce more testosterone or to prevent testosterone levels from falling. These products are heavily advertised on TV, radio and the Internet with names such as “Ageless Male” and “Nugenix.” Most of these products contain similar ingredients, including an herb known as fenugreek, sometimes marketed as Testofen.

Consumers should be aware that, unlike prescription forms of testosterone, none of these products have been approved or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety and effectiveness. In fact, there is little or no scientifically valid data to show that these products actually work at all. Most of the “studies” done on these products have been undertaken or financed by the supplement manufacturers, and few have been published in reputable medical journals. Other studies have been done in animals such as rats, which likely have no relevance to the effects of supplements on humans. Moreover, a number of studies have shown that while test subjects may report feeling better or having better sexual function after taken these supplements for short durations, blood testing failed to show an actual increase in “free” testosterone levels, suggesting a “placebo effect.”

The bottom line is that if there was actually a cheap dietary supplement or herb that could reverse low testosterone levels, and do it without risks, every large drug company would be making it, and every doctor would be prescribing it. Instead, these products are mainly “developed” and marketed by small companies that rarely have scientists or medical doctors on staff.

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Dietary supplement manufacturers may not make advertising claims that are false or misleading. Claims of effectiveness must be supported by valid scientific data. Consumers who purchase worthless and ineffective testosterone “boosters” may see financial compensation in the courts, often through a process known as a class action. The Senators Firm is one of the only firms in the nation with a practice focused specifically on suing dietary supplement manufacturers for false and misleading advertising. Our California testosterone booster injury lawyers are currently investigating numerous testosterone-related products. Contact our firm to learn more about your testosterone booster lawsuit.