California AlloDerm Skin Graft Lawyer

If you or a loved one has experienced a hernia recurrence or other injury as the result of a procedure involving AlloDerm, The Senators Firm offers free case evaluations during which you can receive information about pursuing an AlloDerm lawsuit.

Acellular Human Dermis (AHD)

AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix, an acellular human dermis (AHD) product, is used in the repair of hernia and breast reconstructions postmasectomy procedures. The product is created from harvest skin tissue and is designed to facilitate the body’s tissue regeneration process. Unfortunately, a number of studies have indicated an extremely high rate of hernia recurrence in patients whose hernias were treated with AlloDerm. Possible side effects and complications associated with AlloDerm include:

  • Abscesses
  • Fatal infections
  • Swelling, discomfort and bruising
  • Recurrence of hernia
  • Graft explant
  • Defective patches
  • Adhesion failure
  • Mesh erosion and tearing
  • Failure to properly heal surgical incisions

AlloDerm has been considered a revolutionary product in the field of medical devices and implants. The potential complications and injuries this product can cause, however, have been known to create serious consequences to patients, including painful revision surgeries to correct such problems. In cases such as these, LifeCell, the product’s manufacture, may be held liable for any defects in the AlloDerm skin graft, allowing injured victims and their families to recover monetary compensation for the damages they incurred.

Do you have an AlloDerm lawsuit?

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