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Injured as the result of a hip replacement?

Hip replacements are a prime example of the amazing innovations in medical technology. As total or half replacements, these surgical procedures can give new life to patients with debilitating health conditions, including severe arthritis, joint damage and hip fractures. There are numerous hip replacement products on the market, but there has also been significant scrutiny surrounding a number of unsafe systems, particularly those that use metal on metal hip implants. In fact, reports published in several orthopedic studies have cited the high failure rates of metal on metal products. These failures can result in significant pain and suffering, and in some cases requires extensive and painful revision surgery.

Metal on metal hip replacements have been a subject of controversy within the healthcare community, and many medical professionals have called for bans on all metal on metal hips. In response to such boisterous resistance, the FDA issued a patient advisory notice on metal on metal hip implants and made increased efforts in studying their adverse effects and complications. Common defects and complications associated with hip replacements include:

  • Implant failure
  • Metal shavings caused by deterioration
  • Loosening of the implant from the bone
  • Fractures to the bone around the implant
  • Dislocation of the implant’s moving parts

Several defective hip replacement systems have been recalled due their high failure rates. If you or a family member has experienced any complication after a hip replacement surgery, our California medical device and implant lawyers can evaluate your situation, inform you of any recalled products that may have been used in your procedure and work to determine the viability of your potential lawsuit.

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