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Medical devices were created to monitor and increase a patient’s chance of a better way of living, however, there are dangers to wrongful implants and procedures. If you have been affected by a Medtronic® CD Horizon Spinal Device, contact our California medical device and implant attorney today. What are you waiting for, give us a call at (949)-557-5800 for your free case evaluation.

California Medical Device and Implant Lawyer

The CD horizon spinal device is used to correct scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, and other spinal conditions. A complex series of stainless steel rods, hooks and screws implanted in the spine during surgery, the CD Horizon system has been reportedly used in more than 500,000 medical procedures. When reports of complications and adverse effects began to increase, the amount of CD Horizon systems on the market became a significant concern, as numerous patients would be at risk for suffering serious injuries. In an effort to do our part in protecting the rights and safety of patients, The Senators Firm provides experienced and effective representation to victims who have been injured by the Medtronic® CD Horizon spinal device.

Patients with the CD Horizon spinal device have reported heat-wrenching experiences and setbacks. From costly revision surgeries and device removals to new injuries and complications, the emotional consequences often outweighed the substantial financial repercussions. Patients who expected positive results and better lives were left to endure extreme pain and suffering and serious setbacks in the treatment of their original condition. Thankfully, injured victims have the opportunity to exercise their legal rights and file lawsuits against Medtronic® for the damages they suffered.

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The dangers associated with the Horizon system, including the instability of the device’s cables, have led to additional concerns regarding other spinal devices produced by Medtronic®. These include the Prestige Cervical Disc, the Infuse Bone Graft and LT Cage Device, the X-Stop Space and the recalled Legacy system. If you or a loved one has been injured by the Medtronic® CD Horizon spinal device or any other Medtronic® product, our medical devices and implant legal team is here to explore the possibility of your lawsuit and to provide you with the unyielding support and legal experience you need to recover compensation.

With millions of dollars recovered in corporate liability case settlements and verdicts, we have proven time and time again that we know how to deliver results. We strongly encourage victims and their families to reach out to our firm for a free, no obligation case evaluation as soon as possible. You have nothing to lose when learning more about your legal rights, and everything to gain. Contact our firm today.