California Zimmer Nexgen Knee Replacement Lawsuits

We are dedicated to serving our clients and helping them to achieve the results and pursue the outcome that they need. If you have suffered from the use of a Zimmer Nexgen knee replacement, then you may be one of many who are entitled to monetary damages for the suffering you have endured. There have been many cases throughout the years where individuals have suffered due to loosening of the knee replacement components, extreme pain or discomfort, a need for surgery revision, and other complications.

It is important to know that there has been a recall of 65,000 knee replacement components that are unusually susceptible to loosening after only minimal use. Other studies have shown that these Nexgen knee replacements often contain faulty components that do not function correctly and could cause severe pain as well as the need for additional surgery. The various medical bills that could pile up for your surgeries need to be paid for, however, you could experience serious financial difficulty in this situation. Medical devices and implants should only ever enhance your life. If not, you may be able to collect damages through a lawsuit if you have the proper representation on your side.

Representing Injured Victims

The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP has been serving residents in California and throughout the United States in many various legal issues for a number of years. We understand the severity of your situation, and we know how to help you pursue the results that you need for your future. We offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain some information without any obligation to retain our services. We have more than 100 years of experience in handling types of situations similar to Zimmer Nexgen knee replacement lawsuits; let us put this experience to work for you! Contact us today to discuss your situation and to begin the preparations necessary to effectively pursue a favorable outcome.