The Senators Firm is at the forefront of many of the most highly publicized sexual abuse litigations in California and across the country. Current litigation and on-going investigations include the following:

  • Catholic Clergy Abuse Cases: The Senators Firm is actively litigating child sexual abuse cases involving the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Archdioceses as well as schools run by the Christian Brothers order. We are actively investigating claims of abuse of children at the hands of Catholic priests and lay officials all over the United States, some going back decades. Despite assurances by the Catholic Church that abusive priests have been rooted out, cases of recent abuse, as well as new reports of decades-old incidents, continue to come to light as we obtain additional information and documents.
  • Boy Scouts of America Abuse Cases: We are litigating and investigating numerous cases of child abuse perpetrated by Boy Scouts leaders and officials during Boy Scout camps and other activities. We anticipate a significant increase in litigation involving the Boy Scouts as the organization is forced to turn over internal documents, including its infamous “perversion list.”
  • Los Angeles Public School District Abuse Cases: The firm is counsel to numerous children and their families in dozens of cases involving the sexual abuse and exploitation of elementary school students at Miramonte and George de la Torre Jr.. elementary schools. Abuse in public school systems in Los Angeles and elsewhere appears to be rampant. The firm is committed to obtaining justice for children and parents and helping to ensure that schools are safe. Due in part to the efforts of the firm, LAUSD has implemented strict new policies for investigating and reporting suspected abuse by teachers and other employees.